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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Facebook post: re: eHealth (Ontario) needs ‘to do more, faster,’ says Wynne’s business guru Ed Clark


November 22, 2016

Re: Ontario ehealth report: so..... taking this a step further specific to Ontario's cancer patients. According to Canadian Cancer Stats 2016 est. deaths in the province = 29,000.. 7 years x 29k patients = 203,000 pts who will not have full access to their data assuming that the mandate of 7 years can be fulfilled. I am using the 7 year mark based on past history and potential changes in governments (eg. mandates). In addition, 77.700 patients will be dx'd in the province (est 2016) - 77,700 x 7 = 543,900 newly dx in the 7 year time frame. Using this stat is important as many newly dx'd patients may or may not be concerned with their healthcare records but primarily dealing with their cancer/s. It would take a statistician to figure this all out but suffice to say e-health Ontario is has let down cancer patients (and other patients) over many years. While a renewed 'vigor' is welcome it's purely pathetic. The other outstanding question is the province's ability to finance the e-health programs and the Fed's say there is no new money. Maybe this will fall under an exception? But the federal and provincial healthcare ministers have had long outstanding communication issues - present and past. To be fair there are some exceptions to the access to e-healthcare data and one would be Sunnybrook/Odette Cancer Centre which has MyChart. Anyway - that's my 2 cents on this issue and maybe many patients/families were consulted but there is no information on that demographic.
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