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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Impact Ethics (blog) - healthcare


Managing Editors: Fran├žoise Baylis and Angel Petropanagos

What is Impact Ethics?
Impact ethics is about using the tools of ethics to shock, press, crack, and chip society into a better place. It is about outcomes, and ordering the study of ethics around changing things for the better.
Impact ethics questions the status quo in health care. It does not go gently into the night but rather questions the institutional role that ethicists often play in making health care more efficient or productive. It seeks genuinely human goals over and above narrowly medical or economic ones,even when that creates job-related conflict for impact (bio)ethicists.
Impact ethics seeks to make science subservient to the human good. It does not proselytize for the drug companies or those academic scientists that work for scientific advancement at any cost. At the same time, it does not fear science or oppose those advancements that really benefit society. It promotes the responsible and effective development of medical technologies.
Impact ethics seeks to make public institutions more responsive, accountable, and just. It does not shrink from examining overtly political topics.....


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