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Thursday, March 17, 2016

article index - special edition: Original Cancer Costing Research Using Canadian Data

open access (req's registration/free)

Table of Contents


Original Article(s)

Estimation of drug cost avoidance and pathology cost avoidance through participation in NCIC Clinical Trials Group phase III clinical trials in Canada PDF HTML
P.A. Tang, A.E. Hay, C.J. O’Callaghan, N. Mittmann, C.R. Chambers, J.L. Pater, N.B. Leighl S7-S13
Cost and resource utilization in cervical cancer management: a real-world retrospective cost analysis PDF HTML
I. Cromwell, Z. Ferreira, L. Smith, K. van der Hoek, G. Ogilvie, A. Coldman, S.J. Peacock S14-S22
Cost-effectiveness analysis of whole-mount pathology processing for patients with early breast cancer undergoing breast conservation PDF HTML
N.J. Look Hong, G.M. Clarke, M.J. Yaffe, C.M.B. Holloway S23-S31
Population-based trends in systemic therapy use and cost for cancer patients in the last year of life PDF HTML
R.E. Pataky, W.Y. Cheung, C. de Oliveira, K.E. Bremner, K.K.W. Chan, J.S. Hoch, M.D. Krahn, S.J. Peacock S32-S41
Temporal association between home nursing and hospital costs at end of life in three provinces PDF HTML
H. Seow, R. Pataky, B. Lawson, E.M. O'Leary, R. Sutradhar, K. Fassbender, K. McGrail, L. Barbera, F. Burge, S.J. Peacock, J.S. Hoch
(Compared with lung cancer, sites associated with higher relative hospital costs were gynecologic, hematologic, other gastrointestinal, and other genitourinary cancers.)
Cost implications of unwarranted imaging for distant metastasis in women with early-stage breast cancer in Ontario PDF HTML
K. Thavorn, Z. Wang, D. Fergusson, S. van Katwyk, A. Arnaout, M. Clemons S52-S55
Using the Cancer Risk Management Model to evaluate the health and economic impacts of cytology compared with human papillomavirus DNA testing for primary cervical cancer screening in Canada PDF HTML
C. Popadiuk, C.L. Gauvreau, M. Bhavsar, C. Nadeau, K. Asakawa, W.M. Flanagam, M.C. Wolfson, A.J. Coldman, S. Memon, N. Fitzgerald, J. Lacombe, A.B. Miller S56-S63
Cost trajectories for cancer patients PDF HTML
W.P Wodchis, E. Arthurs, A.I. Khan, S. Gandhi, M. MacKinnon, J. Sussman
(Team-based payments for family health teams and physician pay-for-performance bonuses were not ascribed to individual patients and thus were not included in the analysis.)


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