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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Caregiver Burden in End-Stage Ovarian Cancer(MSK Cancer Center/Nursing Rockefeller)

Caregiver Burden

  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
  • 2Heilbrunn Family Center for Research Nursing at Rockefeller University.



Caregiver burden associated with caring for women with ovarian cancer has received limited focus. However, these patients often have complex needs, requiring a high level of care at home and imposing substantial burdens on caregivers.


This pilot study assessed the level of caregiver burden experienced by the primary caregivers of patients with end-stage ovarian cancer and identified variables associated with caregiver burden.


Caregiver burden was assessed using the Caregiver Reaction Assessment. Fifty caregivers completed an anonymous and voluntary survey. Pearson correlations and independent samples t tests were used to analyze data.


Most participants were Caucasian, married or living with a partner, and college graduates, with an annual household income of less than $90,000. Caregiver ages ranged from 29-81 years. Participants agreed most with the self-esteem scale, indicating they had pride in caring for their loved ones. Disrupted schedules and financial problems were the most burdensome factors in providing care. Because financial issues affected caregiver burden, nurses should facilitate interdisciplinary support. Future research is needed to determine the impact of nurse-led interventions to reduce caregiver burden.


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