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Friday, March 25, 2016

Special Supplement: Use of Cannabinoids in Cancer Care

open access Vol 23 (2016)

Current Oncology, Vol 23, Supplement 2 - Now Published!

Use of Cannabinoids in Cancer Care

Multimed Inc. is pleased to announce that Current Oncology has published a supplement dedicated to the use of cannabinoids in cancer care.
Edited by Dr. Mark Ware, this issue brings together the work of some of the leading minds around the world who have dedicated themselves and their laboratories to understanding the role of cannabis and cannabinoids in the pathophysiology and management of cancer. This collection of papers takes us on a journey from bedside to bench and back, and provides a series of important signposts that will help to chart a path to better cancer care.

Table of Contents


Cancer Narratives: Words Beyond Disease

Original Article(s)

Integrative Oncology

D.I. Abrams

Pediatric Oncology

T. Fisher, H. Golan, G. Schiby, S. PriChen, R. Smoum, I. Moshe, N. Peshes-Yaloz, A. Castiel, D. Waldman, R. Gallily, R. Mechoulam, A. Toren

Review Article(s)

G. Velasco, C. Sánchez, M. Guzmán



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