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Thursday, June 09, 2016

About the Biennial Cancer Survivorship Conference 2016 June 16-18 (Washington, DC)

Conference 2016

About the Conference

The theme of the 2016 Conference is “Innovation in a Rapidly Changing Landscape".
This year’s theme highlights the way in which recent key trends are shaping care and outcomes for cancer survivors. The shifting demography of cancer survivors, the reconfiguration of healthcare management, and the rapid pace of development of new electronic and e-health technologies present both opportunities and challenges to meeting the continuing and emerging needs of survivors. The conference will explore recent changes in these areas, as well as their implications for survivors and for the field of cancer survivorship research.
Attendees will learn about new and innovative research within the survivorship field to identify and address areas of need. The conference theme will stimulate ideas for new and creative ways to move the science forward and to improve service delivery, health-related outcomes, quality of life, and well-being for all cancer survivors.

The Conference will highlight research in the following areas:
  • Innovation in a Rapidly Changing Landscape
  • Leveraging Measurement and Technological Advances in Older Cancer Survivors
  • State-of-the-Art Uses of Technology
  • Access to Care and Health Insurance
For more information, please contact the ACS Behavioral Research Center via e-mail at

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