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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

case report: Neuroendocrine Cancer of Rectum Metastasizing to Ovary

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 This case report describes a woman with secondary ovarian malignancy that was neuroendocrine in origin, the primary being rectal HG-NEC. The GEP-neuroendocrine cancers metastasizing to ovaries make it extremely uncommon differential diagnosis for secondary ovarian neoplasms and hence the novelty of this case report.

 2. Case Report

A 42-year-old parous woman presented with chief complaints of abdominal distension and abdominal pain over a period of the last six months to the gynecology department of our tertiary level teaching hospital in 2013. General examination yielded nothing significant. On abdominal examination, there was a solid firm mass corresponding to 24 weeks’ uterine size with ill-defined borders. Bimanual pelvic examination divulged bilateral forniceal fullness and rectal examination revealed a growth on the left lateral rectal wall. Abdominopelvic ultrasound showed bilateral complex adnexal masses (Figure 1) as well as moderate ascites. Tumor markers showed an elevated CA 125 of 195.3 U/mL. Liver and renal function tests were normal. Thus, we made a provisional diagnosis of ovarian malignancy.....



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