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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Online Patient Forum - National Patient Safety Foundation (free to join)

NPSF Online Forum Survey Results - National Patient Safety Foundation

Forum Tips and Instructions
Welcome to the NPSF patient safety online discussion forum! If this is your first visit or if you are wondering how to use the forum, here are some tips on getting started.
  • Content in the forum can be accessed and read by anyone. You do not need to be registered with our website in order to read messages posted in the forum.
  • In order to post new messages or to post responses to existing messages in the forum, you will first need to register as a user of the NPSF website. If you are not already registered, click here to register.
  • Once your registration is activated, sign in by entering the username and password you selected during registration. You will now have the ability to post and respond to messages in the forum. When you return to the forum, you will see additional options for posting and for managing your subscription settings in the header near the top of the screen. 
  • Click here for detailed instructions on subscribing to forum discussions, posting messages, and managing your subscription settings.
  • Click here to begin at the General Patient Safety Discussion Forum


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