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Friday, July 22, 2016

Short title: role of ovarian niche in ovarian tumorigenesis

open access
Redefining the origin and evolution of ovarian cancer: A hormonal connection
 July 20, 2015 

 (pdf) Accepted Preprint first posted on 20 July 2016 as Manuscript ERC-16-0209

Ovarian cancer has the highest mortality of all female reproductive cancers. Late diagnosis, tumor heterogeneity, and the development of chemoresistance contribute to this statistic and works against patient survival. Current studies have revealed novel concepts that impact our view on how ovarian cancer develops. The greatest impact is on our understanding that as a disease, ovarian cancer has multiple cellular origins and that these malignant precursors are mostly derived from outside of the ovaries.
In this review, we propose a new concept of a step-wise developmental process that may underwrite ovarian tumorigenesis and progression: (1) migration to/recruitment of the ovaries; (2) seeding and establishment in the ovaries; (3) induction of a dormant cancer stage; and (4) expansion and tumor progression. We will discuss the relationship of each step with the changing ovarian function and milieu during the reproductive age and subsequent occurrence of menopause. The realization that ovarian cancer development and progression occurs in distinct steps is critical for the search of adequate markers for early detection that will offer personalized strategies for prevention and therapy.


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