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Thursday, September 01, 2016

(Interesting) Cancer Research in Australia 2016 to 2018 (chart includes ovarian)


 Highlights 2016 to 2018
Funding to cancer research projects and programs

This review identified more than $252 million in funding to
589 individual research projects in the years 2016 to 2018.
The Australian Government is providing 74% of the identified
funding ($187 million).
95% of the identified research projects are being supported
by a single funding source.
Tumour-site specific research
Research funding to lung cancer, colon & rectum cancer,
lymphoma and cancers of the pancreas, oesophagus, mouth
and oropharynx, kidney, stomach, bladder, myeloma and bone
and connective tissue was low compared with their burden on
the Australian population (see Figure 1).
Research categories
Almost two thirds of funding is to the combined research
categories of Biology (28%) and Treatment (36%) (see Figure 2).
Etiology, Prevention and Cancer Control, Survivorship and
Outcomes Research receive 10%, 2% and 6% of funding,
Translational Research
Translational research projects and programs in the categories
of Clinical, General, and Patient-oriented, each receive less than
10% of funding in 2016-2018 (see Figure 3).
Research collaborations
81% of research projects and programs have one or more
named collaborators (see Figure 4).
Of those projects with named collaborators, only 4% have
named international collaborators.



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