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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

sign the petition: Save Canada's public health care system! - SumOfUs


TO: Dr. Brian Day and Cambie Surgeries
Drop your dangerous and spurious constitutional challenge now! 

Public health care is under attack. SumOfUs members have come forward in a HUGE way to raise thousands of dollars to defend it in the courts -- and we need your help again now to stand up for people over profits and save it.

This campaign couldn't be more personal. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. She received some of the best treatment and attention in the world under Canada’s health care system -- and never had to spend a dime to get it. And this legal challenge could put that all in jeopardy.

Dr. Brian Day, better known as “Dr. Profit,” has launched a reckless challenge to the B.C. Supreme Court aimed at allowing for-profit, U.S-style delivery of medically necessary services.

Thanks to the incredible support of SumOfUs members, we’re getting ready to hold a major press conference at the courthouse next week -- and we need your help to deliver a stack of petitions fatter than Dr. Day's profits.

Stand up for our health care system. Tell Dr. Brian Day to drop his dangerous and spurious lawsuit.

We know there’s room for improvement in our public health care system. But privatization is not the answer. Moving towards for-profit health care has been proven to increase costs, reduce safety, lengthen wait times and destabilize the public system.

Yet Dr. Day has been fighting to dismantle the Canadian public health care system for years. He barely lost the election to head the Doctors of BC two years in a row. His plan was to turn the organization into a vehicle for private health care lobbying. And he’s never been closer to privatizing our medical system than this moment.

If Dr. Day wins, all doctors will be able to charge unlimited amounts for publicly available services and big American insurance companies will be able to weasel their way into Canada. You better believe they’re licking their chops on the sidelines watching to see how this court case plays out.

Keep Canada’s public health care system public. Demand Cambie Surgeries drop the case.
At SumOfUs, we know how to protect public health care. Britain's public health care system has been under repeated assault from its right-wing government -- and 400,000 SumOfUs members have come together time and time again to defend it. Right here in Canada, we've demanded an end to for-profit blood plasma clinics. And we need to take action again to make sure we keep our health care system public and out of the grasp of people like Dr. Profit.

Add your voice now to protect public health care.
This Campaign was started by Emma Pullman -- Lead Digital Strategist at SumOfUs

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