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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Learning Needs of Gynecologic Cancer Survivors (Turkey)


 To define the learning needs of patients with gynecological oncology. The study was performed as a descriptive study. A total of 92 patients were participated. Data were collected using Patient Learning Needs Scale (PLNS)........ The mean age of women’s was 50.37 ± 12.20 years. The women’s diagnoses were cervical (45.7 %), ovarian (27.2 %), and endometrial (19.6 %) cancers. The most frequently stated learning needs topics were coping with pain (47.8 %), daily living activities (46.2 %), and psychological support (44.6 %)...... Women who graduated from elementary school needed more education than the women with higher education (p < 0.001). Learning needs level of the women are high and related to increase quality of life, medicine usage, complications of treatment, skin problems, pain management, and supportive care. As a healthcare professional, we should plan and develop educational programs in order to adequately inform patients about their learning needs.


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