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Friday, November 25, 2016

Metastatic gastric cancer to the female genital tract (Review)

Metastatic gastric cancer to the female genital tract (Review)
Abstract/Open Access (pdf)

1. Introduction
2. Characteristics
3. Clinical presentations
4. Diagnosis
5. Management and prognosis
6. Conclusions

The rate of lymphatic metastasis to the ovary from gastric cancer has been reported to be higher compared with that from colorectal cancer. Uterine or Fallopian tube metastases are usually secondary to ovarian metastases, which are typically identified prior to the detection of gastric cancer in half of all synchronous cases, with complaints of abdominal distention, pain, palpable mass, or abnormal uterine bleeding.
 ...gastric cancer has been reported to be the leading primary site in Krukenberg tumor, which is defined as a gastrointestinal cancer that has metastasized to the ovaries...
 The ovary is the most frequent site of metastatic tumors (2). It
has been reported that the incidence of all cancers (gynecological
and non-gynecological) and non-gynecological metastatic
ovarian cancer accounts for 8.8-27.8% (3,4,6,8,18,45) and
2.31‑1.3% of all ovarian malignancies (3-6,8,14,18), respectively.
Distinguishing between primary and metastatic tumors,
particularly non-gynecological, is crucial, as misinterpretation
of a metastatic tumor as a primary tumor may lead to inappropriate management and suboptimal treatment outcomes (5,6)


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