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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Why Ob-Gyns Need to Support Hillary and her "Woman Card"

Editor's Note:
The following commentary is an unsolicited submission from an ob/gyn with no affiliation with Medscape. The views do not represent those held by Medscape or WebMD. We welcome various opinions on the presidential election. Please feel free to submit letters or tell us your thoughts in the comments section. A determination regarding publication of letters to the editor will be made solely by editorial staff at Medscape. 

 Politics also encroach on my decisions and abilities as a practitioner: the breadth of treatment options I can make available, the topics I can cover openly and honestly in discussion with my patients, even the way I run my office. No matter where your political allegiances fall, as an ob/gyn today, there's no denying that politics matter to medicine.


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