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Thursday, December 29, 2016

OA: Correspondence - The Tip of the Iceberg (ovarian cancer)

Journal of Clinical Oncology

.....For these reasons, now more than ever, there is a need to centralize ovarian cancer treatment and gather patients at large centers of excellence in which a skilled multidisciplinary team (pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, and oncologists) can work together to assess the patient and to responsibly decide which is the best treatment for that patient.

The fear is that the problem is actually larger than it seems and that we are seeing only the tip of iceberg. It is discouraging to know that our patients, who rely on us to provide the best treatment possible, will likely be referred to more convenient local treatment facilities instead of being sent to expert centers where optimal treatment can be offered. The risk is that the introduction of NACT into common practice may deny optimal management to a large group of patients. That is the new challenge that international gynecologic cancer societies should embrace: Will we be able to choose the best strategy and to make an optimal surgery in the future?




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