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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Play Wit- 2001 (Margaret Edson) - YouTube (plus my comment)


My thoughts remembering back:
 At the original time it was played in live theaters it was very controversial with a lot of negative feedback both from the medical communities and patients. The negative feedback from patients/groups was that it would do harm to those newly diagnosed. I saw the play, with friends - cancer and non cancer friends just after chemo. I laughed so hard at some of parts - laughed out of sympathy and also 'it takes one to know one' . I remember one incident where I laughed and a woman next to me look at me in I don't know maybe disgust. A long time ago but still fresh in my memory - some things always remain, don't they. Anyway, should I have thought about it I should have taken off my wig and then maybe this woman would have understood a bit better. Who knows. Different venues had different actors but over time the play has come to acceptance - probably due to changing times and more emphasis on the patients voices.


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