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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

HE4-test of urine and body fluids for diagnosis of gynecologic cancer

abstract and comment

Introduction: Serum epididymis protein 4 (HE4) level is a useful biomarker for the management of ovarian and endometrial cancer patients. Urine HE4-test, with its easier access than serum test, has emerged as a new method with promising application for the diagnosis of ovarian cancer.
Areas covered: This review summarizes data regarding the detection and alteration of HE4 in urine samples collected from ovarian cancer patients and controls. The performance and limitation of the assay and potential direction of future study are also discussed.

Expert commentary: Several studies have demonstrated an appreciable efficiency of urine HE4-test in the discrimination of ovarian cancer patients from general population. However, the data is based on small cohorts, and the performance of urine HE4-test need to be validated in larger groups. An algorithm incorporating other important factors may allow a quantitative assessment of cancer possibility. Future studies on the HE4 renal secretion and HE4 degradation dynamics in urine are also required for the establishment of standard protocols for the application of urine HE4-test in clinical settings.


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