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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Improved Survival from Ovarian Cancer in Pts Treated in Phase III Trial Active Cancer Centres UK

open access (pdf)

Aims: Ovarian cancer is the principal cause of gynaecological cancer death in developed countries, yet overall survival in the UK has been reported as being
inferior to that in someWestern countries. As there is a range of survival across the UK we hypothesised that in major regional centres, outcomes are equivalent
to the best internationally.
Materials and methods: Data from patients treated in multicentre international and UK-based trials were obtained from three regional cancer centres in the UK;
Manchester, University College London and Leeds (MUL). The median progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival were calculated for each trial and compared with the published trial data. Normalised median survival values and the respective 95% confidence intervals (ratio of pooled MUL data to trial
median survival) were calculated to allow inter-trial survival comparisons. This strategy then allowed a comparison of median survival across the UK, in three
regional UK centres and in international centres.
Results: The analysis showed that the trial-reported PFS was the same in the UK, in the MUL centres and in international centres for each of the trials included in
the study. Overall survival was, however, 45% better in major regional centre-treated patients than the median overall survival reported in UK trials, whereas the median overall survival in MUL centres equated with that achieved in international centres.
Conclusion: The data suggest that international survival statistics are achieved in UK regional cancer centres.


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