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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The challenge of fertility preservation in cancer patients II: a themed issue Oct 2016

The challenge of fertility preservation in cancer patients II: a themed issue of Future Oncology, Future Oncology, Future Medicine

 This issue includes reviews discussing the current state of the field in terms of ovarian health and fertility as well as providing future perspectives into potential treatments. The issue also presents novel research evaluating current techniques used to ensure optimum fertility preservation in the patients undergoing cancer treatment.
 In summary, this issue of Future Oncology highlights the importance of growth of the oncofertility field and the development of its future. We hope that the contents of the issue contribute to this integral field in supportive oncology.



Erectile dysfunction and infertility in male cancer patients: addressing unmet needs Jared L Moss, Mary Kate F Keeter, Robert E Brannigan, and Edward D Kim

Research Article

Should metaphase 1 and 2 stages oocytes be vitrified in the same time for fertility preservation? Christophe Sifer, Olivia Sellam-Chokron, Nathalie Sermondade, Isabelle Cedrin-Durnerin, Charlotte Sonigo, Charlène Herbemont, and Michael Grynberg

Special Report

Oncofertility in Japan: advances in research and the roles of oncofertility consortia Nao Suzuki


Where are oncofertility and fertility preservation treatments heading in 2016? Miyuki Harada and Yutaka Osuga


The artificial ovary: current status and future perspectives Christiani A Amorim and Ariella Shikanov
Chemotherapy-induced damage to ovary: mechanisms and clinical impact Giuliano Bedoschi, Paula Andrea Navarro, and Kutluk Oktay
Fertility-sparing surgery for uterine cervical cancer Seiya Sato, Hiroaki Itamochi, and Toru Sugiyama


Personalized treatment of prostate cancer: better knowledge of the patient, the disease and the medicine Fouad Aoun, Elie El Rassy, Tarek Assi, and Joseph Kattan

Conference Report

The Controlling Cancer Summit, 17–19 May 2016, London, UK Irina S Babina

Research Article

Antimelanoma effect of Salmonella Typhimurium integration host factor mutant in murine model Catierine Hirsch Werle, Igor Damiani, Guilherme Paier Milanez, Alessandro S Farias, Maria Cristina Cintra Gomes Marcondes, Hebert Fabricio Culler, Marcelo Palma Sircili, Bruna Leite, and Marcelo Brocchi

Special Report

Prognostic factors, predictive markers and cancer biology: the triad for successful oral cancer chemoprevention Jose Augusto Monteiro de Oliveira Novaes and William N William


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